8 Facts About Ceramic Pro Coatings for Your Vehicle

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Author: Hank Woodward

You may have read or heard various things about ceramic coatings. And not only do you wonder if they are legit, but you also wonder about their actual value and longevitity on your vehicles finish. This article will answer most of your questions on Ceramic Pro Coatings. If you have been around the detailing industry or have heard a thing or two about ceramic coatings, then you have probably heard of Ceramic Pro. It is a liquid nano-ceramic coating applied to product specific surfaces or materials on your vehicle’s exterior and interior, to protect all areas of your vehicle. A Ceramic Coating is also one of the longest lasting protections you can put on your vehicle. It outperforms waxes and sealants in durability, hardness, and longevity. But beyond this simple definition, here are seven facts you need to know about Ceramic Pro Coatings used for your vehicle. This list will help you identify the best ceramic coating installer and brands near you.

Porsche 911 Cayman S Ceramic Pro Silver
Best Ceramic Coatings

1. Ceramic Pro's Wide Range of Coatings

Ceramic Pro Coatings are uniquely designed for different surface materials. Each area of your vehicle has specific materials that differ from each other vastly, like the hard plastics, leather, paint, headlights, & wheels and each requires a specific coating that works perfectly with that specific surface. So the best Ceramic Coating caters specifically to each material. Ideally, we all want a coating that can work on all surfaces at once, and even though there are coatings that are able to go on each surface they are not engineered specifically for different materials and the durability and longevity takes a hit compared to dedicated coatings for each surface. With nano-technology, this coating fills in porous materials like glass, plastic, etc., creating a flat protective layer on top that is long-lasting and acts as a sacrificial layer to protect your factory finish!

Full Ceramic Pro Line-Up of all Specific Coatings
Different Ceramic Coatings

2. Increased Level of Protection for Your Vehicle

With Ceramic Pro Coatings, your car has increased protection from extreme weather conditions, UV Rays, Huge Range of Chemicals, & dirt making it the best Ceramic Coating. This feature is due to its 9H hardness level, which provides long-lasting protection for your vehicle. It protects your vehicle from UV radiation that comes from the sun and prevents the paint from fading. Constantly driving in the sun without protection for the surface of your car can fade the color due to exposure to UV, but Ceramic Pro Coatings provide lifelong protection. Ceramic pro coatings also protect your vehicle from water exposure that help to prevent rust & water spots on the surface. The 9H hardness prevents water from falling directly on the factory finish of your car and acts as a sacrificial layer. This layer also gives it super hydrophobic properties that repel water.

Best Ceramic Coating Companies & Installers Near Me
Best Ceramic Coatings

3. Less Time Spent Maintaining & Detailing

Without a Ceramic Pro Coating, your vehicle would require frequent washing and waxing to maintain the shine of your paint. You would also have to invest a lot of time and money to ensure your car remains glossy and protected from the sun, chemicals, and overall road conditions. But Ceramic Pro Coatings save time with regards to car maintenance and detailing. The coatings repel dirt, dust, water, and other contaminants, this keeps your car cleaner for longer and decreases the time and energy you have to invest in washing and detailing your vehicle. Such that a simple wash can make your car shiny again with no need for waxing. So, a professionally applied Ceramic Pro Coatings can save you time and money in maintaining, cleaning, and protecting your vehicle for the duration of the coating you have applied on your vehicle.

4. Extreme Hardness & Durability

Another fact about Ceramic Pro Coatings which you should know is that it’s the most complex coating available. This is because it gives your vehicle a much higher hardness level than a factory clear coat or even a nice wax or sealant can. The factory clear coat that comes with your car is about 2H -3H hardness compared to a Ceramic Pro Coating that provide 9H. This scale is based of the MOH hardness scale, Wax and Sealants range from 2H – 4H and is less permanent than a coating.

5. Protection for the Interior

Often the best Ceramic Coating is mainly associated with the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. But do you know that it can also protect the interior of your car? Most people don’t! The liquid nano-ceramic substance helps to repel liquid on surfaces. Simply put, Ceramic Pro Coatings protect the interior surfaces of your car from liquid spillages such as drinks, coffees, or energy drinks. Once applied to interior dashboards, doors, and seats, the coating makes cleaning easier and makes the surface more durable. It also helps prevent fading as the coatings protect the surfaces from light scratches and scuffs, UV Rays, and fading. Once a vehicle’s interior is coated the factory finish is protected and never exposed to the elements, so after a quick wipe down or a interior detail it goes back to the brand new looking interior just as it was when you applied the coating!

6. Multi-Layered High Solid Ceramic Coating

Another vital fact about Ceramic Pro Coatings is the addition of two essential components to its Ceramic Coating System. Ceramic Pro has their flagship product, 9H, and a top coat coating that gives a stylish glossy appearance to your vehicle. The flagship product 9H is the Ceramic Coating that adheres to the vehicles factory clear coat and has a very high solid content and offers your vehicle the extreme protect qualities you are looking for in a Ceramic Coating. Once the “Base Coat” of 9H is applied you can then either layer the 9H Ceramic Coatings for more protection and a longer lasting coating or go to the Top Coat layer. The Top Coat is the layer that gives that exquisite glossy finish to a surface as well as the extreme hydrophobicity properties and self-cleaning properties. It provides the enhancement that projects the style and stunning finish of the paint on a surface. These are the two coating layers that make up the Ceramic Pro Coating System.

Ceramic Coating on a GMC Sierra
Best Ceramic Coating Company Near Me

7. Extreme Gloss & Shine

There is a general misconception that Ceramic Pro Coatings give the material or surface a glossy look that hides imperfections and scratches in your vehicles finish and makes it a perfect mirror finish. But in truth, this is not the case because Ceramic Coatings project the surface appearance below it and enhance all aspects of the finish including the gloss. The coatings serve as an amplifier that enhances the appearance of a surface. So, if your car has scratches and you apply the best Ceramic Coating to it, don’t expect it to cover such those imperfections as it will only magnify them, which is why a full paint correction is advised before applying the coating. This creates a level and consistent service free of defects and imperfections that can be protected for years to come. Another aspect to coating a vehicle without properly prepping it, is once it is coated the finish under the coating will be there for the duration of the coating. If something is missed before coating and you are wanting to go back and fix it, it would require compounding or even sanding to remove the coating on the entire panel to keep it consistent.

8. Best In Class Warranty

Last but not Least, Ceramic Pro offers a best in industry warranty and is known for the this! Through their team of certified installer all over America and other countries, the warranties offered on the packages of their coatings can be used and upheld at any certified installer anywhere! They offer 4 different Ceramic Coating packages that range from 6 month warranties to life-time warranties.


In summary, from these facts, we can conclude that ceramic pro coatings are the best ceramic coating available. Not only is it the hardest and longest lasting, but it’s also the most durable and save you the most time maintaining and washing your vehicle, it specially engineered for each material, and it has a best-in-class warranty. So, when next you type “ceramic coating near me” into your google search bar, ensure to look for professional and certified Ceramic Coating installers that offer ceramic pro coatings.

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