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Presidential Detailing Package

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What's included in our Presidential Mobile Detailing Package?

Going for Gold! our Presidential package is designed for those wanting to treat their vehicles to the best of the best in detailing! This package is unique as it delves in to paint correction & sealants. This package is designed for the vehicles that are looking to get that showroom shine and keep it for 6 months or even longer.

Treat your vehicle with the ultimate status of mobile detailing packages, this package comes with 18 steps!


Wheel Decontamination 

Wheels thoroughly cleaned with a focus on the wheel face, wheel barrel, and lug nuts. Using specialized Iron decontamination products that use chemicals that attack ferrous metals such as rail dust, brake dust, and other contaminants (Giving it a purple color). This helps set the Wheels up for a deep mechanical cleaning later decreasing the odds of dragging contaminates across the wheels and scratching them.

Wheels Cleaned

Wheels thoroughly cleaned with a focus on the wheel face, wheel barrel, and lug nuts. Using specialized wheel cleaning products to eat away at brake dust, road grim, and dirt we are able to bring your wheels back to life.

Wheel Wells Cleaned

Getting into the tight areas of the wheel well keeping the sound deadening material and everything else in there as clean as possible. This keep your sound deadening material from deteriorating keeping your trips smooth and quiet. On trucks especially this helps with oxidation prevention! 

Tires Cleaned

Tires are scrubbed using products specific to the tires, to ensure a clean surface to apply dressing in final stages of the detail. 

Bugs Removed

Using a specially formulated product that emulsifies the dried bugs, we are able to safely remove them from your bumper, mirrors, hood, and windshield. This ensures that no bugs are left behind on the surface of your vehicle protecting it from bug etchings.

Touchless Foam Bath 

Using a pressure washer & a foam cannon to thoroughly coat the vehicle and encapsulate loose contaminants before moving on to a mechanical hand wash, decreasing the likelihood of any scratching, marring, or swirls.

Hand Wash 

Using the two-bucket method a hand wash decreases the likelihood of scratching the surface, ensuring the least amount of damage your vehicle can be subject to when washing it. When drying the surface we use a drying aid spray to increase the lubricity thus decreasing the chances of scratching the surface.

Chemical Decontamination 

Removing embedded contaminants such as rail dust, road tar, tree sap, and any other harsh contaminant using a chemical designed to attack ferrous irons and remove them safely, ensuring your vehicle has the least probably chance of being scratched.

Mechanical Decontamination 

Foaming the vehicle again to give the surface more lubricity, we then use Clay Bars to safety remove any contaminates left over from the Chemical Decontamination stage, leaving a near perfectly smooth surface.

One-Step Polish & Sealant

This Stage of the detail we use a all-in-one polish to remove light swirls, marring, and hazing from the surface of your vehicle leaving an almost mirror like finish. After the all-in-one product corrects the surface it leaves behind a paint sealant that can last upwards of 6 months!

VRP Dressing

As a final step we dress all exterior Vinyl, Rubber, or Plastic trim leaving them with a deep black shine that can last upwards of 6 months. Each time this product is applied it can increase the durability.


Full Deep Clean Vacuum

Removing loose contaminants such as sand, dirt, crumbs can ensure your vehicles carpeting or vinyl flooring stays looking new, if loose contaminants are left on the vehicles floor over time they can damage the integrity of your vehicles interior. Every surface will be vacuumed to remove all loose contaminants 

Interior Wipe Down

Removing all loose dirt, dust, and other contaminants from all interior surfaces leaving all interior surfaces clean and contaminant free 

Leather Cleaned

In this stage we clean the leather on the seats removing any old sweat, staining, or smells leaving it perfectly clean!

Interior Windows Cleaned 

Cleaning the windows on the interior of the vehicle ensures perfect clarity while driving leaving the perfectly clean and streak-free.

Interior Dressing

Once all interior surfaces have been cleaned properly, it is now ready for protection. Keeping your interior surfaces especially those in direct sunlight protected can help prevent discoloration, tears in leather, & keep it clean longer. This interior dressing finished out with a matte look, never glossy or oily looking!

Trunk Area Cleaned

Removing all light dirt and other debris from all the trunk area, as well as cleaning the surfaces keep it looking fresh and new despite the constant beats it will take from luggage and anything else you may throw back there. 

Door Jambs

Removing all light dirt and other debris from all door jambs leaving them spotless ensuring that the painted surfaces within stay protected and contaminant free.