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Daytona, Edgewater, Deland & Port Orange Florida.

About Hank Woodward


From very early in my life I have been surrounded by cars of all kinds, mostly classics and drag cars. My grandpa had an extreme passion for drag racing and building cars that he passed down to my brothers and I. Some of my best memories growing up were watching my grandpa race, and then hanging out with him while he fixed his cars and kept them looking good. I’ll never forget the time he was racing an old dodge and popped a wheelie at the start of a race.


Growing up we were in or around vehicles all the time learning everything we could about them. As I grew older, my brothers and I started building cars, and with that came the need to keep them in perfect “showroom” shape. When my brother Greg and I started getting to the age where we needed jobs we both ended up working with cars, starting at car washes, and detail bays in dealerships. We share the same passion for cars, and can provide you with the experience needed to maintain and bring your car back to life, while sharing our knowledge to help everyone!

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any professional training and/or certificates?

Yes we do! We are certified through a few well well known and respected brands within the Mobile Detailing industry. Certifications Ceramic Pro Professional Installer and Technician Opti Coat Pro Certified Installer P&S Double Black Detail Products Certified Inspiration Coating Certifed Installer Combined my brother and I have over 6 years experience in the detail industry working in professional shops, and dealership detail bays! So we can ensure you are recieving the highest level of experience and knowledge and that your vehicle is in the right hands.

How long have we been in business?

We have been in business for a year now! Servicing areas such as New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, Edgewater, Daytona Beach, and Deland Florida! My brother and I started that about a Year and a Half ago and between the two of us have over 5 years experience in the detailing industry. We have worked anywhere from Small Detailing shops to full scale dealership bays, with my brother eventually becoming head detailer there!

What areas do we service?

We currently servicve - Daytona - New Smyrna Beach - Edgewater - Deland - Port Orange - Ormond Beach - Oak Hill - Lake Mary - Deltona And will consider even more if the opportunity presents itself!

Why choose and trust us for your detailing needs?

We were raised aroudn cars of all kind esspecially classic cars and have seen so many different cars have such a important meaning to the people who own them. For some its their first independant purchase that they can call their own, other it could be a classic that was passed down from family and reminds them of someone and the memories they had with those people. Some people just love their cars and want to retain the value they put into them! We understand all of that and love seeing the enthusiam people have for their vehicles, and we want to treat your car the same way you would if not even better! With out experience we know the do's and dont's of detailing your vehicle to ensure it does not scratch or take away from the value. You can trust us to treat your car like one of our own!