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Wash and Wax: Give your Vehicle the Shine it Deserves!

What's included in our Wash and Wax Mobile Detailing Service?

Give your paint that showroom shine, while protecting it from the Brutal Beach Weather!

When was the last time you turned back and looked at your vehicle because it stuck out compared to all the other vehicles? When was the last time your vehicle has been treated to a full wash and wax? Maybe it is a brand new vehicle and you want to keep that paint looking brand new and protected! Or do you simply want to bring back the shine to a car that hasn't had any attention in a while? If this is you then this service is a perfect option, not only will you bring back the dripping wet shine, but you will be able to feel the smoothness and know that it is protected for months to come!

A lot of our clients find that this is the perfect detail for them, it doesn't take a massive amount of time out of their busy days but, it really makes a huge difference in the way their vehicle shines! 

This Service goes great with the addition of an Engine Cleaning or an Interior Detailing Service


Wheel Decontamination 

Wheels thoroughly cleaned with a focus on the wheel face, wheel barrel, and lug nuts. Using specialized Iron decontamination products that use chemicals that attack ferrous metals such as rail dust, brake dust, and other contaminants (Giving it a purple color). This helps set the Wheels up for a deep mechanical cleaning later decreasing the odds of dragging contaminates across the wheels and scratching them.

Wheels Cleaned

Wheels thoroughly cleaned with a focus on the wheel face, wheel barrel, and lug nuts. Using specialized wheel cleaning products to eat away at brake dust, road grim, and dirt we are able to bring your wheels back to life.

Wheel Wells Cleaned

Getting into the tight areas of the wheel well keeping the sound deadening material and everything else in there as clean as possible. This keep your sound deadening material from deteriorating keeping your trips smooth and quiet. On trucks especially this helps with oxidation prevention! 

Tires Cleaned

Tires are scrubbed using products specific to the tires, to ensure a clean surface to apply dressing in final stages of the detail. 

Bugs Removed

Using a specially formulated product that emulsifies the dried bugs, we are able to safely remove them from your bumper, mirrors, hood, and windshield. This ensures that no bugs are left behind on the surface of your vehicle protecting it from bug etchings.

Touchless Foam Bath 

Using a pressure washer & a foam cannon to thoroughly coat the vehicle and encapsulate loose contaminants before moving on to a mechanical hand wash, decreasing the likelihood of any scratching, marring, or swirls.

Hand Wash 

Using the two-bucket method a hand wash decreases the likelihood of scratching the surface, ensuring the least amount of damage your vehicle can be subject to when washing it. When drying the surface we use a drying aid spray to increase the lubricity thus decreasing the chances of scratching the surface.


Removing embedded contaminants such as rail dust, road tar, tree sap, and any other harsh contaminant using either a clay bar, Iron-X, or Synthetic Clay designed to attack ferrous irons and remove them safely, ensuring your vehicle has the least probable chance of being scratched while ensuring a good surface for a sealant or wax to be applied.

Machine Applied Sealant

In this stage, we use a machine-applied sealant or wax depending on the vehicle and condition to bring back an impressive shine with protection that can last anywhere from 6 months - 1 year depending on the product applied!

VRP Dressing

As a final step we dress all exterior Vinyl, Rubber, or Plastic trim leaving them with a deep black shine that can last upwards of 8 months, and will last longer and longer each time it is applied again!

**Starting Price Will Change Based on Size and Condition**

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Frequently asked questions

Are you mobile or do we have to come to your shop?

We have two mobile units that are self suficient, they are both loaded out with generators & water tanks so we can provide detailing services at your convience without the need for hoses and plug ins! We also have a Physical Location at 1757 N Nova Rd. in Daytona Beach, so if dropping off your vehicle for an hour or even the day works better we can accomodate that as well!

What kind of Wax is included in this Wash and Wax Service?

We have quite a few products that we can use when it comes to a Wash & Wax. Some of our favorites are P&S PlayMaker which is an All-In-One polish/wax that cleans up light imperfections while leaving a wax behind. Another one we like to us is Turtle Wax Ice Seal N Shine which is a mix between wax and ceramic Si02 molocules that leaves a beautiful shine and lasts upwards of 6 months. The other favorite we use is also from Turtle Wax Paste Wax which has a mixture of carnuba, graphene, and ceramic molucles that can last up to 10 months. Each of these products is great and will make any vehicle look good, but we will use what we think would work best based off experience to make your vehicle look the best it possible can.

How long does the wax last?

We have a few different options and depending on what works best for your vehicle whether it be a Machine Applied Sealant, All-In-One Polish, or a Paste Wax it can last from 4 months up to 10 months. Of course this also depends on how the vehicle is maintained as well as the conditions it sees on a day to day basis. If the vehicle is kept in the direct sunlight and not washed often enough it could last 3-4 months, if it is garage kept and maintained it could last upwards of 8-10 months!

How long does this service take?

Every car can vary in size and condition, but the average time will be 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours for this service!

Will this service remove scratches in my paint?

Most Waxes will essentially fill in the scratches so that they are less noticable. They will still be there under the layer of wax and can reapear when the wax is wearing off or if it is stripped with a decontamination wash. One of our favorite products is P&S Playmaker which is an All-In-One product which polishes out light swirls/oxidation while leaving behind a layer of wax, this still might not take out every scratch and swirl but it does help remove light imperfections and give the vehicle a very nice deep shine!