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Daytona Beaches Best Car Polishing Service

Full Vehicle Paint Polishing & Enhancement Details In Daytona Beach Florida

The Experts In Bringing Back Your Vehicle's Shine & Gloss

Paint Correction is a term that is thrown around a lot in the automotive detailing industry, but what most people don't know is there are multiple levels to paint correction. This service is the traditional meaning of paint correction and it includes polishing the vehicle's finish to remove light swirls & marring while increasing the depth and gloss of the vehicle dramatically. 

Paint Correction, Removing Swirls and Scratches

What is Paint Polishing?

Paint Polishing is the idea of removing light swirls and imperfections on the surface of the vehicle. This is the least aggressive form of paint correction and can remove basic swirls, light scratches, & marring from the vehicle surface. 

Have you ever looked at your vehicle in the sunlight and saw spider web scratches or swirls? These are caused by improper wash methods and over time get worse and worse. This is where paint polishing comes into play and it can reduce these scratches and swirls on the surface!

Paint Polishing Daytona Beach.jpg

What Does a One-Step Polish Remove?

There are many levels to Paint Correction and this is the least aggressive one! When Polishing a vehicle we can expect to get anywhere from %20-%40 of the imperfections out of the paint. If your vehicle is heavily marred or scratched you may need a 2-step correction to get the paint back to a showroom finish! When looking at a vehicle surface we can see the levels of Paint Defects and how deep they go, this can give you an idea of how much can be removed with paint correction. With a 1-Step Polish we can remove the surface layer but not deeper imperfections such as heavily neglected paint swirls, marring, or scratches! 

Paint Defects & Imperfections.jpg

Bring Back The Shine!

Our Paint Polishing Detailing Service is perfect for newer vehicles that need a good refresh detail to bring back that showroom finish! Vehicles with light surface-level imperfections will love this service as it brings your paint back to a perfect deep finish!

Paint Polishing

What is Included in Our Polish & Detail Service?

Sealant Wax.jpg

Wheel Decontamination 

Wheels Cleaned

Wheel Wells Cleaned

Tires Cleaned

Bug Removal

Touchless Foam Bath 

PH Neutral Hand Wash 

Chemical Decontamination 

Clay Bar

Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic Trim Restoration

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