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What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating adds a thick layer of long lasting protection to the surface of your vehicle outlasting any wax or sealants. A ceramic coating offers a permeable chemical bond to your vehicles surface allowing it to last anywhere from 6 months to a lifetime. With ceramic coatings you are able to achieve a higher level of protection than previously available with waxes and sealants due to the chemical make up that provides superior abrasion resistance, UV protection, and a higher repair value to the vehicles original paint structure. Ceramic coatings help protect your vehicle very thin layer of clear coat helping ensure your vehicle keeps its repair value and well as its overall value in the long run. Your vehicles clear coat is on average the thickness of a sticky note, and the more times your correct and thin down that layer the less repair value your vehicle has. A single layer of a ceramic coating can measure up to 100 times thicker than the standard wax or sealant that comes in at roughly .02 microns. This allows the coating to effectively absorb and protect against damages that would be permanent with your standard wax and sealants. While most waxes and sealants have to be reapplied every few months, a ceramic coating can last years with the proper maintenance schedule! 

How is a Ceramic Coating Applied?

A ceramic coatings is a thick layer of solids the chemical bond to your vehicle surface providing an extremely protective shield on your vehicle. With the ever growing Ceramic Coating industry almost every car care company provides some type of coating. Here at Global Mobile Detailing we have tried and tested a slew of coatings from different companies to provide you with the best coatings with proven techniques. Anyone can buy a coating online and apply it to a vehicle, but being a authorized installer through multiple companies we can ensure that you are getting the highest level of application and knowledge of the product! To begin applying the ceramic coating the vehicles surface needs to be thoroughly prepped and prepared. We start with a high quality decontamination wash to ensure all lose particles on the vehicle surface have been removed, following that the painted surface undergoes an inspection to surface defects that can then be corrected in the paint correction phase. Once defects are noted our professional trained detailers get to work selecting the appropriate pad, compound, and polish combination to produce the highest level of finish and gloss. After the paint is brought back to better than new quality, and all of the polishing oils and compounds have been removed we can start the coating process. This process is delicate and our certified technicians apply the coating properly and with care checking each panel as they go. Depending on the layers of coatings applied, and also which surfaces are being coated (Wheels, Windows, & Trim) the finish product is left to settle and bond to the paint after a final inspection.


Prep Wash

Clay Bar

Iron X


Loose Contaminates

Focused Light Inspection

Find Surface Defects


Single Stage Polish

Multi-Step Correction

Oil Stripper


1 Layer

Multiple Layers

Final Inspection

What are the Benefits of a Ceramic Coating?

  • Abrasion Resistance

  • Marring Resistance

  • Swirl and Scratch Resistance

  • Gloss Retention

  • Easier to Keep Clean

  • High Level Chemical Resistance

  • Hydrophobic Properties

  • Thicker Layer of Protection

  • Element and Weather Protection

  • Protection Against Bird Droppings

  • Protection Against Bug Chemicals

  • Heat Resistance

  • Stays Clean Longer

  • Warranties Available

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What  Ceramic Coatings Do we offer?


hyperCLEAN TRÉ provides 3+ years of paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss and durability. The unique single-layer Nano Composite Technology enables you to achieve incredible results in less time with less hassle.

  • Single Layer Nano Composite Technology 

  • Incredible Chemical and Scratch Resistance

  • Forms a Super Slick Hydrophobic Surface

  • 3+ Years of Durability

The greatest attribute of hyperCLEAN TRE is the ease of maintenance it provides. We developed a single-layer coating system that can surpass any multi-layer system on the market today

Car UV Protectant U V R E S I S T A N C E
9H Ceramic Coating S U P E R I O R H A R D N E S S
Ceramic Car Finish E X T R E M E G L O S S
Permanent Car Proection P E R M A N E N T P R O T E C T I O N
Self Cleanig Ceramic Coating S E L F - C L E A N I N G
Professional Ceramic Coatings Near Port Orange Florida

INSPIRATION & Legend Ceramic Coatings come from the amazing team over at P&S Double Black who have been in the detailing industry for a very long time, shaping the technology and chemistry in almost every chemical that detailers use everyday. INSPIRATION Coating cures to form a solid molecular barrier impervious to chemicals, corrosion, UV exposure and high temperatures. Once cured the ceramic coating creates a 3D crystalline structure utilizing Nano material, which creates a durable 9H structure on the vehicles painted surface. This coating, when applied and maintained properly, will protect your vehicles surface for 3 years! 

See Inspiration Ceramic Coating in Action

Why choose Global Mobile Detailing to Install your Ceramic Coating?

Global Mobile Detailing and our team of professional installers have been trained and vetted by the top leader in the detailing industry. We have watched the growing of chemical technology and the industry as a whole grow, experiencing and testing a ton of ceramic coatings to be able to confidently bring you the best of the best in every aspect of the coating from the price, performance, and company. We are with you every step of the way and understand that this is a big purchase, we are here to answer any question you might have! 

See What our Customers are saying!

I HIGHLY recommend giving Hank a call at Global Mobile Detailing. What a genuinely nice and honest young man.

From start to finish everything was communicated without hesitation, & timely and the final results of my ceramic job is truly incredible! I own a Hyundai Palisades which has a huge grill, which he handled with ease!

The vehicle looks incredible, even the brake lights look awesome.

If your looking for a wonderful, none pressure experience and a top notch ceramic job, trust me, give Hank a call.

- Doug Mactye

I highly recommend this company came out and went above and beyond what I asked for. Definitely my new go to for auto detailing and paint restoring. The guys that showed up at the house were very nice and knowledgeable very professional company 5 star worthy in every area Hank the owner stayed in contact with me from start to finish great customer service

- Mike Kessler