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Volusia County's Best Fleet Detailing Service

Volusia County's Best Fleet Washing Service

Does your fleet need some extra attention? Global Mobile Detailing's Commerical Fleet Detailing Service can help!

Protect your Mobile Fleet with Global Mobile Detailing's Commercial Detailing Services

Keeping your Mobile Units looking clean and presentable is a must for any business! Your trucks, cars, or vans are seen by everyone driving down the road and can be one of the best forms of advertising! With Global Mobile Detailing's Fleet Washing Services we can guarantee your Mobile Units will always be protected and looking their absolute best! Click the button below to get a free estimate based on the size and condition of your fleet!

Mobile Fleet Detailing Service

What Commercial Detailing Services do we Offer?

Mobile Fleet Washing

If your business relies heavily on delivery or transportation, utilizing a fleet of vehicles to get the job done, then this service is for you! Trusting employees and/or hiring a full time detailer can be costly. Trust the experts at Global Mobile Detailing to keep your fleet looking clean and presentable! 

Fleet Washing Services
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Interior Fleet Detailing

If your business is transportation whether it be a Fleet of Turo cars or a Transportation Company we have the service for you. People coming in and out of the vehicle and leaving behind dirt, crumbs, and residue can get overwhelming as it piles up. We can come by and within an hour have your interior clean and comfortable again!  

Odd Job Detailing

We love testing our abilities as detailers and taking the crazy jobs that others may not! We have detailed Dump Trucks, Dump Trailers, Boom Cranes, & Heavy Equipment. Whatever you have we can make it work! Our shop rate for items like this is $100/Hour and we would love the opportunity, we are mobile and have a shop as well! 

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Frequently asked questions

Do we have to bring our Fleet to you?

We have 2 mobile units that travel all over Volusia County and even further sometimes! We also have a shop located at 1757 N. Nova Rd. in Daytona Beach Florida and would be happy to assist there as well. Both of our Mobile Units are outfitted with water tanks, Spotless water, and Generators to complete all work necessary without any need for a plug in or a hose!

How much do you charge for Commercial Detailing Services?

It can vary job to job, but we have a vary fair and very competive pricing structure based on either a by foot rate or on a per vehicle rate depending on the job and the condition. We also offer multi vehicle discounts as well as subscription based services that come with a nice discount.

What kind of protection (Wax,Sealant,Interior) do you use?

We have quite a few options when it comes to applying protection to vehicles. We have basic Spray Wax that shines and has great hydrophobic properties but will last 2-4 weeks. We have a ton of different sealants/paste waxes that we can use for wash & wax type services that can last up to 10 months depending on maintenance and condition! For the Interior we have UV Protectants as well as conditions for leather to keep everything clean and treated.

Do you have a Maintenance Plan for Commercial Accounts?

We offer Maintenance plans in either a once a month structure or a once a week structure. We also offer 3-4 Seasonal Protection plans to get a good coat of protection on it ever 4 months or so you can maintain it after that!