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Port Orange's Paint Correction Specialist

Remove Swirls and Scratches From your Vehicle with our Paint Correction Specialists.

The Experts In Removing Swirls and Scratches from your Paint

Removing the swirls and scratches from your paint will make a huge difference on the clarity and gloss you see! Completing either a One-Step, Two-Step, or Three-Step Correction can be a tedious process but the results speak for themselves! Does your vehicle have excess sun damage, damage from automated car washes, or light scratches and scuffs? We can help! 

Paint Correction, Removing Swirls and Scratches

What is Paint Correction?

Has this ever happened to you? You go to wash your vehicle on a nice sunny weekend using your favorite car soap and some nice fluffy microfiber towels, making sure you are washing in the correct way. Only to find that once it is cleaned up you notice what looks like spider webs scratches on the surface of your vehicle? 

Swirls in Paint, Paint Correction

All that hard work and there are still imperfection in the paint? This is where a process like paint correction can help! Most car-enthusiasts and others who care for their vehicles feel comfortable maintaining it, and even love spending a morning on the weekend cleaning and washing their vehicle even cleaning the interior and the wheels, but when the process of mechanical paint correction comes in it can be intimidating! Taking a forced rotation machine to your vehicles paint can be a nerve racking process, and for good reason. Without the proper training and experience there are multiple opportunities to cause permanent damage to your paint if you are not careful and using the right techniques. 

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So What Is is Paint Correction?

Paint correction in simple terms in the process of removing clear coat from the surface of your vehicle. To do this specialists use either a DA Polisher, Forced Rotation Polisher, or a Rotary Buffer with Compounds and Polishes to essentially sand off layers of the clear coat taking the scratches and imperfections with it. Depending on how deep the imperfections are depends on how high of a grit you need to start with. There are a good amount of variables to consider when correcting paint. Every car will have a different hardness of paint, and with every car a slightly modified approach, with different pad and polish combinations as well as force used and speed will have to be taken to get the best results and finish.

Of course paint correction can only take out so much from your clear coat, some cars will have deeper isolated scratches, door dings, and rock chips that may have gone past the very thin clear coat layer and into the paint or even as deep as the primer. The basic rule of thumb is if you can feel the imperfection or scratch with your fingernail, it is to deep to correction since it is past the clear coat layer.

Paint Defects & Imperfections.jpg

Repair Value

When getting ready to correct a cars paint there is also the question of how much of the clear coat layer is left to correct? If you are not careful you can burn through the clearcoat and cause permanent damage to the vehicles finish. A layer of Clear Coat is usually about as thick as one stick note. Making sure you measure the paint and determine that there is enough clear coat to work with before starting is crucial. The experts at Global Mobile Detailing will assess the paint and repair to as close as perfect within your budget but also within the strength of the paint so that we do not take it to the very minimum chasing perfection.

Paint Polishing

How to protect you paint from these imperfections after a Paint Correction?

Synthetic Spray Wax

Traditional Car Waxes are one of the most universal forms of vehicle protection and will get you anywhere from 2-4 Weeks of protections for your vehicle's paint!

Car Wax
Sealant Wax.jpg

Synthetic Sealants

A Sealant is a great choice for someone who is wanting to get their vehicle protected and not have to worry about re-applying as much as you do with spray waxes. Sealants usually range from about 6 months - 12 months and leaves an amazing shine!

Ceramic Coatings

A Ceramic Coating is going to be the best value. They offer protection for considerably longer than waxes and sealants. Ceramic Coatings also offer the hardness and durability to protect against imperfections that other products can not.

Paint Correction Protection
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