Car Seat & Carpet Shampoo Near You!

Bring your Interior Back to Life with this Popular Interior Shampooing Service!

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What does our Shampoo & Extraction Service do for You? 

This Service was made as an add-on to other Interior Detailing Services. This service involves deep cleaning carpet & upholstery to remove sweat, embedded dirt, & other contaminants from your seats or carpets. We recommend doing this every 8-12 months to keep your interior healthy and absolutely clean! Not only does this aesthetically improve the looks of your vehicle but also sanitizes and ensures the air you are breathing in while inside your vehicle is clear of as many pollutants as possible!  


Adding this service to another Interior Detailing Service or adding it as a stand-alone service for the interior will bring your interior back to life and add an essential level of cleanliness to the interior of your vehicle. 

What is Shampooing and Why Does it Matter?

Interior Shampooing is the art of agitating as deep as possible into the surface you are cleaning to loosen as much dirt and contaminants as possible so that the Extraction process can pull them out of the deep fibers of your carpets or upholstered surfaces. By Completing this process effectively you can remove all the dirt and sweat and whatever else is inside these surfaces! 

Utilizing our State of the Art Professional "Hot Water Extraction" Machines we can safely remove dirt, sweat, & spots without leaving any harmful residues or chemicals behind. 
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1. Pre-Treat

Advanced Pre-Treatment Spray to attach the stains, dirt, or spots at a molecular level to ensure the enyzmes causin the smell or stain is broken up and easier to extract

**Starting Price Will Change Based on Size and Condition**

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Frequently asked questions

Are you mobile or do we have to come to your shop?

We have two mobile units that are self suficient, they are both loaded out with generators & water tanks so we can provide detailing services at your convience without the need for hoses and plug ins! We also have a Physical Location at 1757 N Nova Rd. in Daytona Beach, so if dropping off your vehicle for an hour or even the day works better we can accomodate that as well!

What kind of products are used to clean the interior?

We have quite a few products that we can use when it comes to a detailing and cleaning the interior of vehicles. Some Express Interior Cleaner's such as P&S Express Interior clean all surfaces of light dust decreasing the chances of causing dmage by dry rubbing or using too strong of a chemical on delicate surfaces. We also use products that are specifically designed for certain types of interior surfaces such as windows, leather, suede, & hard plastics.

Do you guys leave greasy shiney like surfaces when you do interior?

This detail includes protection for all interior surfaces including leather, hard plastics, & trim. We use products that are specifically designed for surfaces we are using them on. For the leather we use a product called P&S Leather Conditioner to bring life back to the leather, this product works really well with the newer leather that has a clear coat layer on it. For the Plastics we use either synthetic spray wax or 303 Protectant which protects against UV and makes it a ton easier to keep clean. All of the products we use leave a deep matte finish that adds to the color and leaves protection behind.

How long does this service take?

Every car can vary in size and condition, but the average time will be two hours to four hours!