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UV Protection For Your Vehicle

You may love the Florida sunshine, but your vehicle isn’t a huge fan. Just like UV rays can cause damage to your skin over time, they can also cause damage to many different surfaces of your vehicle. Both plastics and rubbers become dry, discolored, and crack. Exterior paint can also become discolored and oxidize quicker in the heat.

Not only do these UV rays leave a lasting impact on your vehicle, but they also make it insufferably hot inside the car, reaching temperatures between 150℉ and 200℉. Here are a few ways that you can protect your ride from the sun’s harsh rays this summer, and stay a little cooler in the process.

How to Stop UV Damage on your Vehicle

Park in the Shade

Protect your ride from the sun by avoiding it altogether! When possible, park in a shaded area like a garage, carport, or even just under a shady tree. While a quick errand might not make much of a difference, leaving your car exposed to UV rays throughout the workday or while relaxing at home definitely adds up and exposes your vehicle to more UV rays over time.

Protect with Wax or Ceramic

Remember how sunburn feels? Your skin gets hot to the touch, changes colors, then dries, and cracks. Well, something similar happens to the paint on your car. As the sun’s rays heat your vehicle, the paint mixes with oxygen in the air and starts to break down at a chemical level. At first, the color fades, then the paint starts to feel rough and dusty. Once the clear coat begins to flake, metal becomes exposed leaving the vehicle unprotected from rust.

In an area with heavy UV exposure like ours, it’s a good idea to protect your vehicle’s paint with an additional layer of clear material. Wax can be a great option for the more price-conscious but requires reapplication every 2-3 months. Ceramic coatings are another great option, as they chemically bond to the vehicle’s paint and create a solid, sacrificial surface layer. They can last years with proper maintenance and also be applied to the vehicle’s interior for further protection.

Have Your Windows Tinted

Another great way to protect your interior is to have your windows tinted. Window tint helps block harmful UV rays, helping to keep your car cool and protecting it from sun damage. It’s so effective at blocking UV rays that the Skin Cancer Foundation actually recommends having your windows tinted to help reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Take Advantage of These Popular Accessories

There are many accessories that help protect both your car and your comfort from the sun’s heat. Sunshades have been used since the early 1900s to keep UV rays out. Today’s popular accordion-style design comes with a variety of fun pop culture images: Han Solo piloting the Death Star, cats in the driver seat, palm trees, American Flags, and many more.

Another great accessory to keep you comfortable inside your vehicle is a steering wheel cover. If you have a black interior, it’s almost essential in the summertime.

Sun Shade to Prevent UV Damage

Got a tip of your own?

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We hope some of these tips help keep you cool and your ride protected all summer long. Have questions? Global Mobile Detailing is here to help! We provide full-service mobile detailing and would be happy to help protect your ride this summer. Give us a call at (386) 666-8036 to learn more about our business or click “Book Now” at the top of the page to schedule an appointment.

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1 Comment

Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies
Aug 01, 2023

My car's windshield isn't in a good condition and i am looking to have windshield replacement but before doing replacement i would ask dealers about its features. If it offers protection against UV rays then i would surely install that one on my car.

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