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Book Now, Pay Later! Whether you are at home or work, we service your vehicle at the address you give us! A comprehensive Mobile Detailing Service like no other, instant online booking in less than 30 seconds! Check out our Detailing experience below!

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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings are all the hype right now in the auto detailing industry, but what do they do, how much do they cost, and how long do they last? There are so many options for ceramic coatings and we are certified through several companies offering ceramic coatings such as Ceramic Pro, Opti Coat, and P&S Double Black Coatings. We are certified through these companies and are Volusia counties Ceramic Coating experts! We work with you to understand your expectations with a coating so we can set you up with the perfect coating that meets all of your needs! From 6 months coatings to life-time coatings there are so many options, we are here for you so that you understand the benefits of each and can make an informed and confident decision! 



Sometimes a full mobile detail with a wash and wax just isn't enough to bring your car back to that pristine condition you may remember when you brought the car home! This is because of deeper scratches, swirls, and imperfections in your paint. A one-step paint correction can take your cars paint from looking pretty good to a more clear and in depth look by removing a small layer of the clear coat bringing back the luster and shine keeping your paint looking better and heathier. A one-step correction will take out most of the swirls and light scratches in your cars clear coat. This is achieved by using a machine to polish and cut away at your clear coat leaving a more refined and smooth version than before.

Paint Correction Near Me
New Smyrna Beach Mobile Detailing Service

Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic Recondition

Taking care of your paint is obviously one of the most important aspects to keeping a vehicle looking good, but something that goes unnoticed often is the condition of everything else on the exterior of the car. This treatment gives your Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastics parts the attention they need. After the exterior of the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and cared for, we focus on the little pieces and parts. Conditioning them so they don’t dry out and crack, and coating them with products that will leave them with a deep wet shine that will aid in protecting them from UV rays and any other dirt or debris that can be picked up while driving your vehicle.

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